I Wonder

What if you got everything you prayed for? What would you end up with?

Would you pray more if you knew every prayer would be answered? Would you change your prayers to include others or would you launch into a wish list for yourself? How would it look if you got everything you prayed for? Would nothing change in your life because you don’t really pray that often? Or would you be inundated with praise reports from all over the world? What kinds of things would you pray for? Spiritual things or physical things…that is, if you could have anything? Would you pray for money and if so, what would you spend it on? Missions, ministry, the poor, yourself?

I say to the Body of Christ as a whole, what if we got everything we prayed for? Would TERRORISM be stopped? Would the sick be healed and would children cease to be molested and abused? Would abortion mills shut down? Would abortion doctors be saved in record numbers? For that matter, would we see an outpouring of salvation and revival on a worldwide scale? Would every human life be equally valued regardless of gender, race or financial status? Would people be delivered from addictions and devastating lifestyles that have been created by someone else’s devastated life? Would generational curses be broken? Would our Christian brothers and sisters in other countries be set free from persecution, torture and death? Would Israel’s enemy’s cease to attack them, and would there be peace in Jerusalem? Would our cities be blessed with prosperity, would political corruption come to a stand still, and would our leaders operate with wisdom and rule with gentleness and compassion? Would the poor hear the Gospel, and would the rich begin to share? Would justice prevail and could children grow up without fear? Could there be an end to the greed that leads to all kinds of evil? I wonder about these things.


But before we can bring it to a global scale, I think I need to ask myself these questions. What am I praying about? What do I actually believe God for? And am I asking to be healed in my own life so that I can be a help to others or do I just want God’s gifts so I can stand out? Am I hiding my lack of prayer under a cloak of “I’ll pray for you later”? Am I being honest with myself and making a right assessment of who I really am? Am I a secret hypocrite? Or do I actually live what I say I believe? Do I really pray that much in private or do I check prayer off my list for the day after praying for 5 minutes? Or is my relationship with God so vibrant that my prayers never actually cease? Do I lay down my life for the sake of others through prayer and fasting, and when I get a prayer request, do I intercede for their family like I would for my own? When I’m sick, would I rather pop a pill than pray a prayer?

Do I broadcast my prayers so that everyone knows I pray, and what I pray for? Is this whole thing really just all about me, after all? Do I believe God can do the impossible or do I tailor my prayers by my weaknesses, and not by God’s power? Do I not think I deserve answers to prayers because of what I’ve done in the past? When no one is around, do I get lost for hours in front of the TV or computer? Would I rather just live the status quo and never reach for that abundant life Jesus talked about? Am i just too lazy to try, too selfish to notice, or too apathetic to care about the atrocities in the world and even in my own family?


On the other hand, maybe I am on the right track after all. Maybe I do pray for all the right things, and maybe I do believe for great things, and maybe I get everything I pray for … or at least I know I will get it eventually.

What if the whole body of Christ started to pray believing for God to do the impossible? And no matter what the question, I’m always drawn back to the answer in 2 Chronicles 7:14 “If My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” -God

Jesus gave us a great gift in John 14:14 when HE said, “If you ask Me anything in My name, I will do it.”

It really comes down to this: How different would this world look if Christians prayed like we believed God would answer?

I wonder.

Shalom, Big D



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