Push to Start

I have this friend, let’s call her Jill. Jill had needed a clothes dryer for a long time. She looked high and low, but the prices were too high and on the used dryers the quality was too low. The dryer she was using still worked, though Jill was convinced that it was only hanging on by faith and a prayer. One day, as she was minding her own business, looking at Facebook:), she came across a used dryer for sale. It looked like a good deal, so she called the number and arranged to buy it. She and her son would pick it up later that afternoon. Everything seemed great. The nice woman who sold it said that it had worked fine when she used it. The reason she was selling it was because her new house came equipped with a gas dryer.

Because of Jill’s trusting nature, she did not try the dryer before taking it home. She did notice however, that the plug on the dryer had four prongs and she was pretty sure that the dryer she was replacing only had three. Not knowing anything about anything, Jill went ahead with the purchase.

Sure enough, when she got the dryer home, the receptacle was indeed three pronged. She would need to change either the plug or the receptacle, so she called her Father-In-Law for help. Jill was married, but her husband worked out of town a lot, so her Father-In-Law would help out regularly with repairs and household maintenance.
Jill’s Father-In-Law, let’s call him Bob, thought changing the plug on the new dryer would be easier than replacing the receptacle, since that would have required him to run another wire from the electrical box. It took him about five minutes to change the plug. After plugging it in, they were distressed to find that the dryer did not work. Bob checked his connections and tried again. Nothing. Well, the light inside the dryer worked, so they knew that electricity was getting to the dryer, but “no go” on actually doing what the dryer was made to do. So Jill went to the store to get a four pronged receptacle.

“Perhaps the newer dryer required the four prongs for safety or something,” she reasoned.

In all, the process of changing the receptacle took about an hour. They plugged the dryer in, but still nothing worked except the light inside. By this time, they were getting frustrated and started to wonder if Jill had gotten ripped off.

Jill had been successful with many projects through the do-it-yourself videos on Youtube, so she decided to ask the internet why her dryer wouldn’t work. One possible reason the dryer wasn’t working, they were told, was that a fuse could be blown inside the back of the dryer. So Bob proceeded to check the fuse with his meter, but it was fine. The dryer just didn’t work.

The Blame Game
At this point, Jill was convinced that she had bought a broken dryer for a hundred dollars, so she called the lady and left a message asking if there was some secret to getting her dryer to work. It was used, after all. Maybe it needed to be kicked two times and yelled at or something.

Let’s Recap
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Jill had stopped the Youtube video when they learned about the fuse, but having now checked the fuse, having rechecked the connections, having run a new wire from the electrical box, having replaced the receptacle, and having blamed the lady who sold her the dryer, as a last ditch effort, Jill pushed play on the video again.

What happened next was both wonderful and humiliating at the same time.

Jill’s Father-In-Law said the words almost at the same time as the man on the video. “…after you do bla, bla, bla, just push the start button.”

WHAAAAAT?? Jill was beside herself. All they had to do the whole time was PUSH TO START? What took in all about 2 1/2 hours could have been done in five minutes simply by pushing a button.

Is there a lesson in all of this? I think so. Jesus has made every connection for us so that we can live a victorious Christian life. 2 Peter 1:3 & 4 says that we have been given everything we need to live a life of godliness. So why do we sometimes struggle? I think it has to do with faith. Faith is the beginning, the middle and the end to a real relationship with God. Maybe we should stop struggling in our own strength, and just believe His Word and walk by faith. Wouldn’t it be something if even half of our mountains were moved just by pushing the start button of faith?

Here’s to the beginning of abundant life that Jesus promised to those who would just believe.

Big D



2 Replies to “Push to Start”

  1. I loved this the first time I read it and I love it again. Thanks for the awesome reminder and the great analogy.
    You have a gift my dear sister. 😊


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