Long Haul Faith

(From October 2014)

About seven years ago, I had a really good friend. For one reason or another, I’m still not entirely sure why, but this friendship just stopped dead in its tracks. Before this friend moved away, the relationship became strained, to say the least, and we both walked away thus ending much, if any, communication for the next seven years, which leads me to today.

Favor is a funny thing because you don’t really know why you have it for or from someone, you don’t know how to keep it, and it’s really confusing when you lose it. Such as it is, since that time seven years ago when we went our separate ways, I began to pray for that favor to be restored. I prayed a lot about restoration at first, then as time wore on, I prayed for this favor sporadically, but still believing God would answer my prayers. As the Lord is my witness, just last week it happened. Favor was restored! We are now in frequent communication again, and I can see the love and favor (grace) that I used to have. Apparently, I never lost it, but my friend’s life was difficult on many levels, and our friendship remained adrift.

Right now, because of this answer to my seven-year prayer, I am operating in a type of “long haul faith.” This is the kind of faith that allows me to pray for something or someone FULLY BELIEVING that even if it takes a hundred years, GOD WILL DO  IT!

This kind of faith is not like a fast food type of a thing. God certainly does that, too, and it’s pretty cool when we get instant answers to our prayers. “Long Haul Faith,” however, is like waiting for Thanksgiving dinner. Your appetite grows with every second and you can barely stand the anticipation of enjoying the best food you’ve ever put in your mouth (and you don’t even have to do the dishes!)

As it is with faith, we never have to work at the answer to our prayers. That’s not our job. Patiently believing is our job. Perseverance in prayer is our job. Never giving up on trusting God is our job.

I am so blessed to be walking in this “long haul faith” right now, but it couldn’t have been accomplished without that seemingly endless seven years of prayer. No matter how infrequent or weak my prayers became, God heard and GOD answered.

May I encourage you that if you have been praying for something that you know is in the will of God, KEEP ON PRAYING! HE will answer! He heard you the first time you prayed, but obviously, the answer has to cook a little longer.

When your answer finally comes, and I’m telling you from my new experience, it will fill you with indescribable JOY, and a fresh FAITH that’s totally in it for the long haul.



Big D

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