From Victim to Victor in Two Seconds Flat

Go from victim to victorious with this one verse in the Bible!


It’s all about that faith

“Be it done to you according to your faith.” This statement was made by Jesus to at least a couple of people in the Gospels. Jesus said this to the blind guy in Matthew 9:29, and He said it to the Roman Centurion who was interceding for his paralyzed servant in Matthew 8:13. At other …

He Called Me Daughter

I had heard that Jesus was in the area, but would I dare to go to Him? I’d been deemed unclean because of my condition. I’ve been sick for many years, been to every doctor that exists, all the tests have been done, I have no more money, and no one can help me. Truth be told, I am completely out of hope, too.

Get a Belt!

Two young men make their way slowly down the dark and quietly eerie street. With every step they take there is a dragging sound that accompanies them. Is the sound behind them? No, it’s with them. Suddenly, there is another noise in the night. They hear deliberate, brisk footsteps behind them getting louder and louder, becoming faster and faster....