Three Semi-Simple Scenarios That Could Simply Set Us Free

This article is essential strategy to BEAT the enemy... Please read and heed!


One Bite at a Time

I recently watched a documentary about Frances Crosby, and all I can say is, wow. Fanny Crosby was a well-known songwriter, composer, lyricist, poet, speaker, teacher, and mission worker. But before she became famous, she had to overcome some challenges. She lost her sight shortly after being born because of a charlatan who pretended to …

The Midnight Rescue

I'm a jailer. It's not the most glamorous occupation in the world, granted, but it's a job. It puts food on the table and a roof over our heads. I have one job-keep the criminals from escaping. If I do lose any prisoners, I can kiss my own life goodbye. I was set on keeping …

He Called Me Daughter

I had heard that Jesus was in the area, but would I dare to go to Him? I’d been deemed unclean because of my condition. I’ve been sick for many years, been to every doctor that exists, all the tests have been done, I have no more money, and no one can help me. Truth be told, I am completely out of hope, too.