Miracle at 7000 Feet

(taken from an article published in the Wakefield News/Bessemer Pick & Axe June 2015)

Because sometimes you just have to smile.

DISCLAIMER: I would like to remind the reader that this column is called, “Jesus in Everyday Life.” It’s dedicated to the simple, life experiences of an ordinary person who sees how Jesus is intimately engaged in extraordinary ways in her everyday life.

The Cashew Catastrophe

Sometimes it takes a nightmare to ask for a miracle. This was the case one dark night in January.

I was traveling home from Florida, and on my last leg of the journey through airports and airplanes. I hadn’t eaten anything all day, mainly because, well, I didn’t want to have any problems mid-flight, if you know what I mean. Maybe you don’t know what I mean, suffice it to say, getting older and eating certain foods can be tricky.

Before I boarded the eight-passenger prop plane that would take me to my final destination, I made a disastrous mistake. I ate a bag of cashews. I thought, “Hey, I’m hungry. It’s just a little over a two- hour flight (with no bathroom on the plane). I should be fine.” Well, I wasn’t fine. I wasn’t fine at all. The flight was delayed for a short time, and when we were finally able to board the plane, I took my seat behind the co-pilot. As we taxied through the massive airport, weaving our way through what seemed like miles of airstrip, we took our place in line to take off between two huge jumbo jets. Just as a side-note, it occurred to me that no matter what size aircraft we’re in, we all have to take off from the same runway, and lower our landing gear two wheels at a time.

Anywho, it was about that time sitting between two towering airplanes that the rumbling began. Oh, it wasn’t the plane, it was my stomach. “OH NO! I screamed to myself. “This can’t be happening! Not now at the beginning of a 2 1/2 hour flight!!! Oh, Lord, please!”

The Nightmare Begins

I had hoped to sleep on this flight, but there was to be no sleeping for me. Every second was filled with prayer. Desperate prayer. My body started to pump up like it was hooked to a helium-air machine. Now, THAT was a nightmare. In my mind, I continued to beg God to make the process stop or allow me to hold it in. My last prayer before the miracle happened was, “Lord, please make this flight shorter! Please let us land now, please!

God is “Over-Realming”


Recently, at Church we did a study on Acts, chapter 12. This is the story of Peter when he was chained between two soldiers on the eve of his execution. That night an angel appeared to him. Peter was sleeping so soundly that the angel had to poke him in the side to wake him up. Now, that’s peace in the midst of the storm! Anyway, Peter’s chains miraculously fell off his hands and the angel told him to get up, put on his sandals and coat and follow him.

Now, a few extraordinary things had to occur for Peter to walk out of the jail a free man that night. In Acts 12:10, Peter and the angel had to walk away from the two guards he was previously chained to (somehow these highly trained Roman guards were not disturbed), then pass by another two Roman soldiers who were standing guard at the gate.

Finally, they came to the immense iron gate of the jail, and it just opened up for them by ITSELF! It’s amazing, in this whole process, no one hears, sees, or feels anything. You see, God overrules the rules of this realm… He is “over- realming.”

Time Lord & Tail Winds

So, we see from God’s Word that the God of the Bible can do the impossible! HE can change the laws of gravity, freeze peopleopen doors, close ears, open eyes, and He can even speed up TIME itself!

It’s a Miracle!

I promise you, it wasn’t two seconds after I screamed that “Please make the flight shorter!” prayer in my head that I saw the most beautiful sight I had ever seen directly below. It was the landing strip for our little prop plane and we were 30 minutes EARLY! We took off late and landed early. No one could explain what was going on. The plane was so early that the passengers had to call for their rides to pick them up! I wanted to tell them that their blessing was a result of my desperate prayer, instead, I just blissfully floated to my car that had been parked in the airport parking lot.

Landing the Plane & Lessons

One, don’t ever eat cashews before boarding a plane. Two, pray with desperation, and three, always leave room for a miracle ’cause you just never know what our God will do with the desperate prayer of an ordinary person.


Big D

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